2 and a half, going on hilarious

Voldemort has hit the imagination stage and the whiny stage, all in conjunction with each other. I dont so much care for the whining, but the imagination plus his ability to deliver bizarre lines with a straight face means he is bound to be in trouble in school a lot.

My personal favorite happened just yesterday. I came in to pick him up from daycare to see him poking one of the girls with a wooden spoon as she spun around on this bouncy zebra thing.
“Kiddo, what are you doing?”
“I’m ‘tagonizing Payton!”

Payton is the girl he identifies as his girlfriend. We don’t know why, as we’ve never encouraged it, and daycare says they don’t talk about it. This is also the girl with whom my child has a “special” relationship. Daycare identifies it as “a married couple in the middle of a nasty divorce.”

Ah, the sweet smell of young love.

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One Response to 2 and a half, going on hilarious

  1. Kara says:

    I heart the dark lord.