She Who Bakes

Today, I baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for Brandus’ birthday tomorrow, as that is what he wanted. Now, I bake a good bit – and a good deal of what I bake is cookies – but white chocolate macadamia is not one I’ve ever tried before.

Mainly because it’s too subtle of a cookie. I like a cookie that’s all IN YA FACE WIT MY CHOCOLATE, BITCH, so white chocolate macadamia just doesn’t hit my kinks. Also, white chocolate is an abomination that should neither be tolerated nor called chocolate

I ended up with this recipe, and after obsessively reading the comments, went with butter flavored shortening instead of butter.

Mainly because we’re out of butter, and our funds, they are limited, so I didn’t want to buy both, even though the recipe comments say that a blend of butter and shortening turn out the best.

The decision to only by the shortening turned out to be the right one, as after buying it, I only have 74 cents in my personal account.

The cookies turned out well, I think. I made them bigger then I usually do, and although I can’t really say much for the taste, due to the aforementioned need for IN YA FACE CHOCOLATE, they might be the prettiest cookies I’ve ever made.

Happy birthday, Brandus. For a present, I’m sending you to Nepal without me. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT WHILE I’M TRAPPED ALONE WITH YOUR CHILD.

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2 Responses to She Who Bakes

  1. Kara says:


    Or to go to Nepal.

    But I’ll settle for a cookie. NOM

  2. Skye says:

    Please note that my birthday is coming up soon and I don’t even need to go to Nepal. Just those cookies will do.