Forever and Ever and a Day and a Half

The week before this last one, I got called down to the county office to sign my contract! Finally, I am a licensed teacher!

But wait..I AM a licensed teacher. I HAVE been a licensed teacher for the past 7 years! So, why, exactly, did it take North Carolina FOUR MONTHS to agree with me?

Because my Alaska license had expired. 2 days after NC received it. It was a provisional license anyway, so maybe NC just decided Alaska wouldn’t have relicensed me. Which is true, I never did take the Alaskan history classes that i needed to take to teach longer in Alaska. I didnt take them, because i knew we were leaving, and there was no point.

Well, finally, after having to write, call, and fax SOUTH Carolina, home of my first teaching certificate from 2001 (no, really, and thank goodness they still had it on file), North Carolina finally grudgingly said ok, and sent me my license.

But wait! I teach PreK now! I’m not licensed to teach PreK!

REALLY? says I, because my transcripts disagree with you!

NC sniffed haughtily and said FINE, MAYBE i can be licensed in PreK, BUT FIRST I HAVE TO TAKE THESE TWO CLASSES. And they HAVE to be done this summer, or no license for me!

Well, fine then.

They sent me a letter on 1/14/2009 (TWO MONTHS BEFORE THEY CLEARED MY LICENSE BTW) and listed the two classes I needed. This was, obviously, too late to apply to take the classes for Spring semester. So, im looking into summer classes. Makes sense, right?

NEITHER OF THE CLASSES I NEED ARE BEING OFFERED ANYWHERE CLOSE TO ME. Ive found ONE class that i need being offered. five days a week everyday for a month solid.

at a school 2 hours away.

They might have given me a teaching license because I bullied them into it, but right now, NC is laughing at me.

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  1. Kara says:


    Note to self: stick with college. It’s less complicated.