Boob Job

The other day, while driving around Jacksonville, NC – which is a whole story in and of itself, because we’ve driven up and down that place and could NEVER FIND THE SHOPPING DISTRICT – I spotted a Lane Bryant and said, “OH, stop the car, I need a BRA.”

Ive worn out the nursing bras. Ive worn out the whole idea of them. Plus, they didnt fit very well anymore.

So, Im proud to say that Ive gone from a 40E ALL THE WAY DOWN TO..a 38DD.

The sales lady helping me was all worried, because she was measuring me as a 36DD, and they barely have anything in 36. So, basically, Im too small for Lane Bryant to help much, and too big for Victoria’s Secret.

Awesome! That’s so helpful.

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3 Responses to Boob Job

  1. Emily says:

    At least you’re not a 40DD(long).

    But? You can order those from the LB website – it almost always has a better selection than the stores. And none of that stupid stuff about being ignored by the salespeople either.

    So sayeth the Mama who’s been ignored by more Lane Bryant saleswomen in history. It sucks.

  2. natalie says:

    Dude. Hope you found something! And woot for getting closer to your own size!

  3. shannon says:

    welcome to my world. I have found that if I buy the perfect comfy make-me-look-not-saggy bra it will infact grow(stretch whatever) with me, until i wear it out so completly that it falls apart. 3 years is how long it took to wear it out.