Go Into the Light

Currently, we’ve gotten the hell outta dodge, and are parked at Brandus’s grandparent’s. Yep, that one.

Anyway, we brought the cats, as we would, and they’ve been getting used to it mostly.

Except its highly possible that Fizgig is seeing ghosts.

The hallway to the master bedroom is endlessly fascinating, and she will pace up and down it and whine and whine. Even though we are sitting within five feet of her.

In the living room, she is constantly on guard, pouncing and leaping on nothing, and constantly tracking SOMETHING with her eyes.

We’ve got ghosts.

Or possibly fairies.

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2 Responses to Go Into the Light

  1. natalie says:

    I like the possibility that you might have fairies. We call this behavior pattern “invisible bug syndrome.” Both of our cats have been known to exhibit IBS from time to time – usually in the middle of the night… Sigh.

  2. melisa says:

    You had to title it THAT didn’t you?