Brandus and i found a new apartment!

We were planning on moving out of the ghetto anyway, so when i called our realtor and found out our landlord had quit the day before, and we were living in one of the properties that was in controversy, we decided to step up our timetable a bit.

Seriously, i called and they were like, “she quit yesterday! where are you? what?” so yeah. it isnt pretty there right now.

Anyway, new apartment! Brandus had today off from work, so he drove around and called everyplace that he passed that wasnt in the ghetto and looked affordable.

And he, in his brightness, located us a lovely place to live!

its THREE bedrooms! (says i, “is shan moving in?” he just laughed in a panicked sort of way) its not the most wonderful apartment in the whole world, although it is completely cute, but its in a good neighborhood with NO reports of car breaking into, quiet, about 3 blocks from my work (even though i dont think ill be there much longer, but whatever), and RIGHT NEXT TO a park with a lake and a walking track!

and its CUTE! and it has three bedrooms, so one is a bedroom, one will be brandus’s meditation room, and one will be my playroom!

and we have the next few weeks to actually work on moving, so we dont have to rush and get moved in one day.


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One Response to Apart

  1. SHAN says:

    branflake will have to give up the meditation room, or you will have to give up your play room! My Room! Which one is MINE?