Why I Teach

A fb comment, that I’m reproducing here so I can read it whenever I need to remind myself of why I do what I do:

You helped rub sucker off my forehead..taught us both to let him pull his pants up..and made me realize I was going to ruin his life if I kept babying him lol never doubt your impact on people. Trust me! You were the reason I realized…oh..we can totally do this..my son has a future outside of our little family.

Tell people if they have an impact on your life. Tell the teachers why they matter. You have no idea what it means to us to hear.

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2 Responses to Why I Teach

  1. RobMonroe says:

    Good to keep this handy as the year starts – print it and put it inside a shoe for daily reminding!

  2. Louise says:

    THIS. We often hear complaints, but don’t often get positive feedback.