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We’re Gonna Score Tonight

Posted by on Thursday, 11 May, 2006

I had my first ever art show this past week, which was very very cool and very fun. the show is called BOWLARAMA and all of the pieces are bowling pins.yes, really.

some people did AMAZING things, and you can see several pictures i took HERE

my pin was by far one of the simplest ones there, but i was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Return of the Art Attack

Posted by on Tuesday, 24 May, 2005

More clock pics!

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Art Attack

Posted by on Thursday, 19 May, 2005

Finally posted some pics of some of my stuff. About 4 clocks, a bunch of cards, and some random. Click under the cut to see.

Warning: BIG pics!

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Posted by on Tuesday, 10 May, 2005

This weekend, i went up to fort collins to drop off the altered book ive been working on in a round robin* and got all excited because i had forgotten that The Rocky Mountian Rubber Hi Convention was this weekend in Denver.

So, I spent ALL SATURDAY long at a convention that has to do with rubber stamps, paper, and art.

And man, did i rack up the goods! Brandus and i agreed that we had about $100 that I could afford to spend on toys, so i circled the whole place once to check it out, then went and BOUGHT STUFF. I TRIED to limit my self only to stamps i could think of at least two uses for, but sometimes i failed..and bought them anyway!

First hit was The Paper Cut, which, as you can guess, is all paper and pre cut cards. I got window shade cards (cards with a window precut into them), some overlays for those cards in different colors, a cd book kit (basically enough papers in convenient circles to make several books using cds as the covers) – which thrills me to pieces because i adore defacing cds!

And then I hit Stamp Zia, which might just be my new favorite place to get stamp images EVER. They do gorgous, one of a kind designs, and they are both beautiful AND funky!

I got the Spiked Shell, the mini elements set, which i can either keep as one piece or cut into four, the absolutely amazing luna moth, and the Calla Lady, whom I just lovelovelove.

Seriously, possibly my favorite place to get stamp images EVER.

Even better, all four were unmounted**, and it was buy 3 get 1 free, so instead of blowing all of my budget right there, i only spent about $35. whee!

i really wanted some of the dragon designs, but i really couldnt picture myself using them that matter how cool they are.

I also got some other neat images that i cant currently cant find on the internet, so you are going to have to wait until i get home so i can take pics and post.

Also got a fun new embossing powder that changes color depending on how long you heat it, some new marvy markers, some plexiglass pieces (glass slide size and small squares) to play with, and some cool make-it-take-its***.

I also ended up teaching a demo booth how to fold a small book. not sure how, but they offered my soon to be unemployed butt a job! sadly, it would be a 45 minute drive for minimum wage. im thinking NO.

But, i have been planning on putting up some pics of my cards and clocks and stuff anyway, so keep your eyes out for that. you know, if you care.

*altered book- book that has been painted, collaged, rubber stamped, cut, and basically defaced in pretty ways

round robin- i deface someones book, then pass it to some one else to deface. and so on.

**unmounted rubber stamps dont have the wood piece on them. they are just the rubber.

***make-it-take-it is what its called when you get to go to a booth, play with their toys to make a card or something, and then keep it afterward.